I'm a German Designer,
working as Art Director
in Hamburg.


Charlotte Helm, Master of Arts

Senior Art Director at TERRITORY, Hamburg

+49 175 8351919


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I am a passionate designer and work as Senior Art Director at the agency Territory in Hamburg. We belong to the company GRUNER+JAHR and we are the market leader in content communication. 

Before that, I headed the creative team at the agency HONEY for over 2 years – HONEY was Germany's first agency for content campaigning and is part of Territory and GRUNER+JAHR now.

Prior to this I worked as Art Director for the fashion company ARMEDANGELS in Cologne for about 3 years. The brand is one of the largest sustainable fashion companies worldwide and has been making fashion exclusively ecological and fair since 2007. 

During my studies, I worked as a freelance designer and was part of the design studio HELM&PARTNER in Dortmund. In 2013 I successfully completed my Bachelor of Arts (Communication Design) and in 2016 I finished my Master of Arts at the Münster School of Design.