I'm a German Designer,

working as Art Director at

HONEY in Hamburg.

Charlotte Helm, Master of Arts

Art Director at HONEY, Hamburg

+49 175 8351919


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I am a passionate designer and work as Art Director at the agency HONEY in Hamburg. We are Germany's first agency for content campaigning. We belong to the company GRUNER+JAHR and we are part of TERRITORY – the market leader in content communication. 

Before that I worked as Art Director for the fashion company ARMEDANGELS in Cologne. The brand is one of the largest sustainable fashion companies worldwide and has been making fashion exclusively ecological and fair since 2007. 

During my studies, I worked as a freelance designer and was part of the design studio HELM&PARTNER in Dortmund. In 2013 I successfully completed my Bachelor of Arts (Communication Design) and in 2016 I finished my Master of Arts at the Münster School of Design.

Ferdinand-Beit-Straße, 20099 Hamburg

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